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Crafted Blockid!

Are you a gamer? Wait... dont awnser that...
Of course you are!

Well have we got something for you.
Let me run you through it!

Here at Blockid we want all of our players to be enoying and making friends here that can last a lifetime. One of our top one rules is the have fun and just relax. Its your chill zone to come and relax and play some fun gamemodes. Blomma is owned by a user called Rakodor, first name Ashton, last name William, The one writing this now. Just letting you know incase you see me on!

Well are a SMP server just for now as in the future we will develop into a network of SMP

Who is the team of Blockid 

Blockid is a machinima and entertainment team that does little minecraft plays for youtube. We record it on the server some times! To be staff on the server doesnt mean you apart of Blockid Team. Its another applicaiton for that.
Our blockid website is currently under constrution

Thanks for reading this. Hope to see you on
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